Win Tienken Terrell

Win Tienken was a young girl when her family moved to Cadiz Summit in 1936.  It was the height of the Depression and Win’s parents ran the gas station and cafe in this remote area, which was almost 40 miles from where she went to school in Needles.  Their nearest neighbor was 6-7 miles away, and as a result, Win spent most of her time with an eclectic group of pets becoming an amateur geologist.  Among her menagerie, Win had a parrot “Polly” who learned to squawk “Another Damn Ford!”, from a traveler whose Model T broke down and was hauled to the station.  She also had a very tough cat who was famous for having killed a rattlesnake.   While she must have been quite lonesome, Win developed resilience and strength which served her well when she became an army nurse.  Her love of the desert is clear in a poem she wrote called “God’s Land” which is the preface to author Joe de Kehoe’s book “The Silence And the Sun”.

Author Joe de Kehoe talks about Win:
Author Joe de Kehoe reads Win Tienken Terrell’s poem “In God’s Land”:




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