Susie Woo

The first Chinese immigrants to arrive in Winslow, Arizona came because of  jobs with the railroad.  Those who stayed often went into other business ventures like laundries, grocery stores and restaurants. Wong Suey Ping “Susie” immigrated to the United States from China in the early 1930s and helped her husband, Shue Bow Woo, in the family business which was a grocery store while raising her five children.  Her first impressions of Winslow were of dusty streets because few roads were paved.  “Dust was everywhere.  When the wind blew, I choked and choked.” In a 1994 article in the Winslow Mail, she described what it was like to be the only Chinese woman in Winslow for the first fourteen years, “I didn’t know if I could make it.  I was so lonely.  But I kept busy with our children and helping with our store.”



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