Pablita Velarde, Helen Hardin & Margarete Bagshaw

Pablita Velarde was a ground-breaking artist who lived along Route 66 in New Mexico and drew upon Pueblo Life and in particular the life of women for inspiration.  Women in her culture were not encouraged to become painters and despite this she followed her calling and continued to make art for over fifty years. In addition, her book “Old Father Storyteller” , which she illustrated, brought her some controversy as there were people who felt that the Santa Clara Pueblo’s stories should not be written down, while her mission was to share the stories and keep them alive for generations to come.

Both Pablita’s daughter Helen Hardin and her granddaughter Margarete Bagshaw forged artistic legacies of their own and became renowned for more contemporary work that explored their cultural roots.  Margarete Bagshaw was also the owner of Santa Fe’s Golden Dawn Gallery, which she named after her grandmother Pablita’s Tewa name Tsa Tsan.  Sadly, all three of these remarkable women are deceased, but their work is being kept alive by Golden Dawn Gallery and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, which has works by all three women in its collection.



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