Mary Colter

Mary Colter was one of the first women architects and interior designers to author a completely unique style that fused her interpretations of Spanish Mission style with Native American techniques and design. Her personal journey from St. Paul Minnesota to the West, is a captivating female version of the Go West Young Man (to seek your fortune) narrative that is so much a part of American History. Ultimately, Colter’s relationship with the Fred Harvey Company allowed her much creative freedom, as her sensibility worked well with the mystical and alluring Southwest that the Company was creating for tourists and spreading through marketing. Her work can still be seen along old Route 66 in Santa Fe at La Fonda On The Plaza, in Winslow, Arizona at La Posada and at the Painted Desert Inn in the Petrified National Forest. Four of her most innovative and storied buildings are still standing at the Grand Canyon, which is an easy trip off of Route 66 from Flagstaff.



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