For over twenty years now, Jane Dippel has made an annual trip on Route 66 documenting her adventures and the state of the Mother Road in travel logs and photographs that have been shared with fellow travelers through the Missouri Route 66 and California Route 66 Association Magazines. Jane traces her love of the road all the way back to the late 1940s, when she and her siblings would walk over to a market called “Marty’s” in St. Louis which was situated on Route 66.  They bought watermelon from a cooler out front and sat in the parking lot watching the travelers coming in and out, and checking out their license plates.   Jane has done trips on the Mother Road alone, trips accompanied by friends and many with her grandson.  She is particularly fond of Santa Rosa, and when her grandson was young, they would always stop at the Blue Hole where he could take a break from the heat and swim.  Looking through her travel logs these days, she mourns the places she’s visited that no longer exist or have fallen into disrepair and the friends she has lost.  However, there are new additions to the Mother Road that keep drawing her back, along with old friends to visit and new friends to make. Places like Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma and the largest Rocking Chair in the U.S. in Fanning, Missouri are sites that continue the traditions of roadside Americana while adding vibrancy for new generations of visitors. Jane is currently planning her 2016 summer trip from Missouri to Arizona.



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