Hazel Funk

Funks Grove is a family business just off Route 66 that for generations attracted regular customers from St. Louis and Chicago, as well as travelers lured in by advertisements placed along the mother road.  It was enterprising business woman and socialite named Hazel Funk who inherited the business and ran it during the Mother Road’s heyday.  Hazel made some interesting business decisions to capitalize on Funks Grove’s proximity to Route 66.  She moved several historic buildings to the location, and she always insisted that “sirup” be spelled with an i which was Webster’s dictionary definition of a product made from sap with no added sugar.

Both Hazel and her husband are buried in Funks Grove cemetery.  In her will, Hazel created a land trust in order that future generations could continue to enjoy all that Funk’s Grove has to offer. Today, despite a decline in storefront business, increased public interest in Route 66 and online business means that Funks Grove sirup still sells out!  It is in stock from March-August.



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