Gladys Mester

Gladys Mester was a southern belle who arrived in Holbrook, Arizona in 1938 after she finished nursing school at Emery College and accepted a job that took her out West.  In 1939, while she was on an errand to get cokes for Dr. Park at the hospital, she met Dick Mester who worked at Campbell’s Coffee House.  While Dick scolded her for not having enough change for her purchase, he was quite taken with her and in 1939, they married.  He and Gladys ran a bus depot and tour office adjacent to Campbell’s where they’d met, while raising four children.  Gladys frequently drove tour buses into the Petrified National Park, while chatting into a microphone in order to point out various spots of interest. In 1948, Gladys and Dick accepted managership of the Greyhound Agency. All told, for 45 years, Gladys worked in the bus depot and as a tour guide, continuing to run the business after Dick passed away.  In the years when Route 66 was in its heyday, Gladys said in an interview that it was not uncommon to have seventeen buses parked outside for half an hour at a time!  As she said, “It worked the socks off you.”



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