Dorothy McCoy Miller

Many women who worked along Route 66 did so in family owned and operated businesses.  Dorothy McCoy Miller was no exception to this.  She graduated from high school in Edina, MO and moved to the small town of Devil’s Elbow to be with her parents who had relocated earlier in the year.  Devil’s Elbow was so named after a bend in the Big Piney River, and it is considered one of the most scenic places in the state.  However, the McCoy’s were drawn to the area because of the financial opportunities afforded by Fort Leonard Wood, one of the largest army bases in the country which was under construction.  Dorothy’s father ran a dancehall which he built in the 1940s and then later he turned it into a cafe with a post office.  The family lived upstairs and rented out some of the rooms in this building and had cabins for rent, as well.  Workers drawn to the base were constantly streaming through town, and families visiting the troops stationed at Fort Leonard Wood would also stay there.



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