Dixie Evans

Dixie Evans presided over the Exotic World Burlesque Museum in Helendale, CA on an abandoned goat farm off of Route 66 for over fifteen years.  In addition to devoted fans of burlesque, the museum attracted celebrities and Route 66 tourists.  Before life’s journey took her to the museum, Dixie was renowned because of her own burlesque performances,  “I was the Marilyn Monroe of burlesque,” she said. “You couldn’t ever really meet or see the real Marilyn, but you could come to the burlesque theater and see me. Oh, I might of showed you more than Marilyn, too.” 

Dixie first arrived at the museum to help her friend and the museum’s founder Jennie Lee, as she struggled with Cancer.  After Jennie passed away, Dixie assumed the reins of the museum which had items like Sally Rand’s fans, Mae West’s cape and a photo of Lili St. Cyr with Eleanor Roosevelt. One of the original goals of the Exotic World Burlesque Museum was to start a home for retired strippers. It proved, however, difficult to attract enough visitors off the Interstate to do that and maintain the museum.  To boost the museum’s visibility, Dixie created a Miss Exotic World Pageant in 1991.  After continuing to struggle with her own health and the business,  Dixie moved the museum and pageant to Las Vegas in 2006.  She died in 2013, but her legacy lives on!



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