Cynthia Hare Troup

Troup Final Piece from Katrina Parks on Vimeo.

Cynthia Hare Troup is the woman behind the song “(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66” which is the most famous pop culture reference to the Mother Road and an iconic standard!  While her husband Bobby wrote the lyrics and Nat King Cole had the vision to record it, none of this would have happened had it not been for Cynthia’s original inspiration.  As her autobiography “Once I was a Debutante” makes clear, Cynthia was a very unique person who had a lot more to her character than was conveyed in the newspaper headlines which focused on her social status and beauty when she got her start as a young nightclub dancer.  As a child, Cynthia had developed Osteomyelitis in her leg and her arm.  While the condition healed in her arm,  her leg caused her an incredible amount of pain for the rest of her life and resulted in her having multiple surgeries, including one as an adolescent during which the doctor put her leg in suspension for an entire year!  Perhaps this was what gave Cynthia the courage to live life on her own terms and to tell her story in such a truthful way in her memoir, which chronicles the many challenges she faced with a sharp wit and her enduring love for Bobby and her daughters.



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