Allyne Earls

Allyne Earls owned and operated the Midway Restaurant and Hotel in Cuba, MO for almost four decades.  The Midway was so named because it was situated halfway between St. Louis and Springfield, and it originally began as a garage and cafe in the 1920s.  When Allyne started her business in 1934, she had four tables, eight stools and four booths.  She never looked back, and her business surged during World War II after she bought the property, as it benefitted from nearby Fort Leonard Wood.  She closed the garage and added a second story to the building. The restaurant, which was on the ground floor, is said to have served as many as 600 meals a day during the 1940s to soldiers, and she had twenty-four bedrooms and four bathrooms on the second floor for guests. Allyne, who is said to have been very entrepreneurial, also ran a bus and cab company with her husband.   However, when she went to sell her business in the early 1970s to a professional hockey player and broadcaster named Noel Picard, she realized she didn’t have the keys anymore.  The doors had literally been open and unlocked for 38 years.  You can see one of Allyne’s very stylish pink outfits on display at the Crawford County Historical and Genealogical Society and Museum.  

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